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Pamela Jewell

Umai. Kampai.

Hi, my name is Pamela. I’m a bilingual designer specializing in the design, branding & communication needs of the food & beverage industry in Japan. Through design, I help bring together lovers of good food and drink.

The Japanese words Umai (delicious/good) and Kampai (cheers) express the joy in living. Foodies search for the perfect meal and drink. And there are chefs, brewers and other craft persons who spend countless hours to create every day. All so they can say and hear these two words.

My years in Japan have given me many opportunities to utter and experience the culture of Umai and Kampai. Globally, Japan’s food culture is not as much of a mystery as it once was, but the magic is definitely still here.

Pamela Jewell

Umai Design, More Kampai

Design Illustration Samples

Design & Illustration

Logos, menus, flyers/posters to illustrations, product labels, and more – I create original designs that communicate and visually reflect your unique and delicious creations.

Logo Design Samples


Good branding begins with understanding the “who”, “why” and “how” of your business and customers. From copywriting to visuals that grab attention, I help you create a brand story that goes beyond logos.

Shizuoka Kampai

No More Borders

More people, especially women, are traveling  and ordering craft beer, sake, and local food. I help you reach people from various cultural and language backgrounds within Japan and beyond, and create more fulfilling sales and connections.

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About Pamela

Helping & Enjoying the Shizuoka Craft Beer & Whisky Festival
Pamela Jewell

Born & raised in Nebraska, U.S.A., I first came to Japan as an exchange student in Shizuoka over 25 years ago. I fell in love with Japan and Shizuoka, and discovered raw fish was delicious. From cross-cultural education and project planning to communication design for microbreweries & restaurants, I have worked in various cultural and creative fields in Japan.

I’ve helped plan, design and promote new restaurants, exhibits and events in both Japan and London. My years working at a local design studio, a craft business incubator and a craft beer company has given me invaluable chances to meet and work with some amazing and eclectic range of creators.

Helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, craftspeople get their creations out to more people is my goal.

Known for never refusing to go out for a glass, or more, of good beer, I truly believe in the “power of the pint”. Nothing can bring people of different backgrounds together and create mutual respect like good food and drink. When I’m not working you can usually find me at my favorite izakaya or pub in Shizuoka saying umai and kampai.

Mixed (Mix’d) Cultures?

Mixed Culture (Fermentation)

A brewing style where the intentional selection of yeasts are combined and nurtured to create complex yet approachable flavor.

Mixed Culture (Society)

A multicultural community where people of various backgrounds come together, communicate and collaborate.

Mixed Culture (Science)

More than one organism growing in a sterile environment, which may, or may not, live in harmony.

Design draws from seemingly unrelated cultural perspectives of life – art, business, modern society, tradition to name a few. And just like a well-made Belgian Saison beer (yes, I’m thirsty), a designer blends and balances elements together. The result is visuals, products and communication that is meaningful, useful and approachable. Dynamic things happen when design – thought, care and creativity – is applied to the “mixing” of two or more different “cultures”.

Design or communication problems leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Feel free to contact me!

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Umai Design Merchandise

More Kampai Bandanas


Feeling a need for merch celebrating the tastier things in life, that anyone could use every day, I started this shop on the Japanese online marketplace Suzuri. They do ship outside of Japan thru a third party.

*New designs added regularly.


Mix’d Musings

Here I share news, case-studies, thoughts, tips and info on design, food, drink in both Japan and around the world. Also wetting your appetite with beer cooking recipes and introducing the places to eat and drink in Japan, particularly Shizuoka. And like my brain works, it’ll be a mixed bag in both English and Japanese.



アオイブリューイング定番ビール用の新ラベルデザインの紹介シリーズで、最後は駿府Alt(スンプ・アルト)の浮世絵風アートについてご紹介します。 【English is here.】 Aoi Brewing ( @aoibrewing) 基本の一つは、伝統のビールスタイルを守ることで、ドイツの古典的なアルト(”古い"という意味)をはじめごろから作っています。ラインアップの中にベストの一つ。(個人的に好きなので、これは完全に偏った意見かもしれませんが…😊)...

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