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Hurray! 📣Announcing New Umai Design Shop

2021-11-17 | Design, English, News, Shop, 日本語


Mix’d Cultures – Umai Design Shop

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I may be in over my head but here it goes…
Long overdue and still very simple, but I finally womaned-up and started my own online shop of designs for international sale using Shopify – https://shop.mixdcultures.com. This new shop is still very much in the pre-open stages so product selection is still limited, but I am very excited about introducing new designs for people of all ages and persuasions who love good food, good beer and good company.

This time I included two main designs celebrating everyone’s favorite bitter plant, the hop!

Hop Fish

Hop Fish Design

Started as a mindless doodle while sipping some local session IPA and eating sushi,  “Hop Fish” is a kawaii inspired character design envisioning fish turning into swimming hops. These little fishies are always swimming to find their next pint of hoppy goodness.

Hop Nouveau

Hop Nouveau Design

This is an original design evoking the not-so-fragile femininity of the female hop flowers found in IPAs and all beers brewed today. The design and colors are inspired from the poster Bières de la Meuse’ (1897) by Alphonse Mucha, one of the great artists of the Art Nouveau era.

While T-shirts, socks and even mugs with these designs are available, I’m particularly excited about ”(Not Just for) Tea Towels”. Call it what you wish – tea towel, flour sack, kitchen towel, bar towel – there really are so many uses for tea towels and they’re ecological too – I’m still using towels from over 10 years ago!  (Thanks mom!)

Hoppy Beer Tea Towels

While designed in Japan, these 100% cotton towels are digitally printed and made to order in Quebec, Canada. The towels are both beautiful, functional and can decorate any bare wall or dry even the largest beer stein or the daintiest tea cup. And in the spirit of Japanese furoshiki ingenuity, you can wrap that bottle of barrel-aged liquid hoppiness to bring to your next bottle share.

Hop-Nouveau-2022-Calendar-Tea-Towel  Hop-Fish-2022calendar-Tea-Towel

I also made two limited-edition tea towel calendar designs for 2022! They make great all around gifts for beer lovers and anyone who likes leafy green!

All designs are more subtle with the beer references so even your “I only drink wine” or tea sipping mom or friend can love them.  🎁 Christmas & end of year giving is soon…hint, hint 🎁

Please have a look. https://shop.mixdcultures.com.
Buy if you like. Or, share with anyone you think may enjoy a little more hoppiness in their day!

Thank you & Kampai 🍻


人気の「ホップフィッシュ」デザインに加え、アートヌーボーにインスパイアされた「ホップ・ヌーボー」デザインを新しい仲間に。個人的ワクワクしている商品は「(Not Just for) Tea Towel」。欧米で昔いから万能に使えるキッチンタウルです。ちょっと高めだが、個人的に10年も使っているものが現役中で、何年にも使えるエコで美しいな一反木綿!(お年賀やギフトにいいですよ)