Aoi Brewing 2022: New Start, New Label Design

Labeled bottles: Aoi Brewing 2022

A fresh start with new beer label designs.

2021年に突然破産したアオイブリューイングはもう飲まないと心配したファンがファンがたくさんいました。救手となったのはアオイの立ち上げにも関わった元従業員福島さん。Aoi Brewing ( @aoibrewing )を買取って2022年の2月に復活しました。今回もアオイの復活にデザイン担当でさせていただきとても嬉しいです!




The 2021 sudden closure of Shizuoka City’s first craft beer brewery was a shock to many. But thankfully it was resurrected by a former employee who had been involved since the beginnings of Aoi Beer. The new Aoi Brewing ( @aoibrewing ) company president, Fukushima resurrected the company and started selling beer again in February 2022. I am more than happy to be able to help the new Aoi Beer again as designer.

The first 6 months was mostly keg sales but bottle beer sales began at the end of July 2022. Label art & design took over 2-months of discussions and work. Fukushima wanted labels that expressed Aoi Beer’s love for Shizuoka and the appreciation of all the support fans have shown.

We went for a retro feel inspired by Ukiyo-e art. The digital illustrations are based on Nishiki-e principles (color, layers, composition…). Within the artwork for the regular lineup, there are many hidden “easter eggs” of people, places and things in Shizuoka. How many can you find? I’ll reveal more in future blog posts.

New Beer Labels for Aoi Beer’s regular lineup & seasonal ales.

Label: Aoi Brewing Sengen Golden Ale

Label: Sengen Golden Ale 浅間ゴールデンエール

ブログ記事: 浅間ゴールデンエールのビールラベル

Aoi Beer is best known for the easy drinking Golden Ale. The label features Sengen Shotengai, the shopping street leading to Sengen Shrine. Retaining much of the classic Japanese shopping and really comes to life during festivals.
Blog post: Sengen Golden Ale Beer Label Artwork

Label: Aoi Brewing Sunpu Alt

Label: Sunpu Alt 駿府アルト

ブログ記事: 駿府アルトのビールラベル

Aoi Beer’s Altbier has many passionate fans, enough to make it part of their regular lineup. The label features Mt. Fuji and the legendary Sunpu Castle – Tokugawa Ieyasu lived here after retiring as shogun.
Blog post: Sunpu Alt Beer Label Artwork

Label: Aoi Brewing Shizuhata IPA

Label: Shizuhata IPA 賎機IPA

ブログ記事: 賎機IPAのビールラベル

Aoi Beer’s popular English-style IPA. The label features a view of the Shizuhata Mountains and Abekawa River. Sipping IPA while watching the Abekawa Fireworks is a must.
Blog post: Shizuhata IPA Beer Label Artwork

Label: Aoi Brewing Hirono Momo Ale

Label: Hirono Momo Ale 広野ももエール2022

The limited & seasonal beer label design is inspired by the turn of the 20th century tea label art called ranji. You can read more about the Hirono Momo Ale label in my blog.

Blog post (JP/EN): Beer Label Design: Hirono Momo Ale 2022

Client: Aoi Brewing アオイブリューイング; Shizuoka, Japan

Period: 2022

Work: direction, illustration, design